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Here’s What “I Am”

June 12, 2012 2 comments




I am enjoying the slower pace of life since retirement.

I am grateful for the cool weather and good rains we’ve had this Spring.

I am wondering if the Dallas Cowboys can possibly get their act together this year.

I am reading Tim Keller’s The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness.

I am memorizing the book of Ephesians (and hoping I will have it done by the time the Lord calls me home).

I am praying for friends who are hurting and in desperate need of God’s special touch.

I am playing a game with an opponent on Words With Friends who beats me by 100 points
every time we play, so maybe he’s cheating?

I am reflecting on the sermon I heard Sunday from passages in Ecclesiastes:  “Fear God,” says the wise man.

I am wishing Norman had a more comfortable, attractive library.

I am hoping the gophers in our backyard will be curious and explore the enticing little traps we set for them. 

I am amazed at how quickly time goes by when I’m writing.

I am grateful to the “I AM” for His allowing me to be His child forever.



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