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Bits and Pieces 9/15

September 15, 2011 Leave a comment

How Can We Really Apply Our Beliefs?  In this blog, “Motherhood Is Application” by Rachel Jankovic, mothers will be able to relate both to the writer and to the situations she is describing.  But all believers should be able to identify with the important concepts of putting our faith into action in our daily routines.  As Jankovic writes, “The gospel is not too big to fit into little situations. It is too big not to.”  Read the blog here. 

Why Do People Become Christians?  What kind of people become Christians? Watch these clips to hear from a wide variety of people who’ve come to know and love Jesus for themselves.

Israel’s Western Wall Foundation Stones Uncovered:  Two thousand years after King Herod’s builders laid the foundations for the Western Wall on the Temple Mount, Israeli archaeologists have managed to reach these foundations and expose them anew. Learn about what they found here.

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