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Bits and Pieces 6/9/12

June 9, 2012 Leave a comment

The Day I Accused My Wife Of Infidelity:  Seeking an “extra” revelation from God or wanting to feel we have an insight not given to every believer can take us down a dangerous path, as C. Michael Patton explains in his blog at Credo House Ministries.

People Do Good Things And Bad Things:  You will enjoy reading the insights from Tim Challies on how different religions view the universal concept we all share about how our right and wrong acts must balance each other out.  Read “The Ledger” here.

Film on the book of Job:  Desiring God, a ministry arm of John Piper, announced the release on iTunes of “JOB the Film.”  This is an animated work of Piper’s poetry interpreting the Old Testament book of Job.  It is a moving film answering “why do people suffer.”  View the trailer below.

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