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Bits and Pieces 11/16/11

November 16, 2011 Leave a comment

A Third Way?  From the Garden of Eden onwards, humanity has been on a desperate search for a third option, a third way to be saved. We realize there is a wrong way, and we don’t want to be on it – I mean who wants to be with Hitler, and BinLaden, and Kim Jong-il? But we don’t like the only other way – bit too narrow, bit too demanding, bit too unpopular. So let’s make up a third way.  In this post entitled, “The Charity of Clarity,” David Murray writes about the need to present the gospel with clarity, with no third option, even as Jesus did.  Read his post here.

Are You Prepared?  I identified with this moment in Lisa Burgess’ life when she stopped at a traffic light and encountered a person in need standing on the street corner.  I believe we all face the questions she asked herself.  Will we react as she did?  Read her thoughts here.

Three Questions:  What are the basic questions you should ask when reading a passage of Scripture?  According to Gerald Bray, there are three vital questions to ask: 1. What does it teach us about God?  2.  What does it teach us human beings?  3.  What does it teach us God has done about it?  Read his full explanation here  along with his illustration of using this method with hard-to-understand passages like the genealogies.  This interview begins with describing Dr. Bray’s credentials.

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