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Are You Enjoying Christmas?

December 22, 2011 2 comments

I’m not a messy person.  Having things in disarray and seeing things disorganized and untidy makes me uncomfortable and uneasy.  So for my own peace of mind and happiness, I live with things organized and in order.  Okay, some people say I’m an obsessive compulsive person.  I plead guilty most of the time.  But not when it comes to making Christmas cookies with my grandkids.

After getting flour out of my hair, sweeping away the sugary sprinkles from the table and scrubbing icing off the kitchen floor, I reflected on what seems so right about the “messiness” of this activity.  I realized it was the joy of the end result—-seeing everyone savoring their favorite Christmas cookie, whether it was Pappaw’s blue snowman with white eyes or Jake’s sprinkle-laden gingerbread man with the missing arm. I don’t mind this experience because when it all comes to an end, there is a glorious conclusion,.

Christmas can seem a “messy” time of year.  As we experience the never-ending hawking of merchandise, the stress of planning, buying and finding gifts for family and friends, and the exhaustion of shopping, traveling and decorating, we may feel uneasy and disoriented.  Yet surely during that first Christmas, as Mary and Joseph awaited the birth of their little boy, their lives must have been in total disarray.  They were exhausted after an arduous journey, stranded in some dingy stable, sharing the hay with cows and sheep, while Mary labored in the uncertainty and pain of childbirth.

But did they enjoy that first Christmas?  There can be little doubt it proved to be the most enjoyable moment of their lives.  God had come to earth as Mary and Joseph’s little boy.  The messiness of that stable didn’t matter.  The glorious conclusion was The Joy Of Heaven come to earth.

That’s what makes the “messiness” of Christmas worthwhile.  It is Immanuel, “God with us.”  Enjoy Christmas.  God is with you and in you and for you.

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