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Everyone Should Get One Of These For Christmas

December 10, 2014 Leave a comment

Gift 3I want everyone on my Christmas list to have the same gift under the tree every year. Well, not exactly the same gift, but at least the same kind of gift every year.

I call it my “Reason for the Season” gift.

It’s a present that I hope will remind each recipient of why we celebrate Christmas in the first place. My “Reason for the Season” gifts aren’t elaborate. In fact, most of them cost very little, and, sometimes, they’re simply stocking stuffers.

These gifts have been as simple as a bookmark with a Scripture on it or a keychain with a Christian symbol swinging from it. At other times, I’ve given someone a Bible, but, more often than not, I’ve given calendars or devotional books. For children, I’ve put Veggie Tale toys and DVD’s of Bible stories under the tree. I’ve also given mugs and ornamental plaques with Scriptures on them.

I started this practice several years ago when my daughter was a teenager, and I suddenly realized the true meaning of God’s “gifting” us with His Son was being lost in the hustle and bustle of checking things off her Christmas list. Now, purchasing these items from a Christian bookstore a few weeks before the big holiday seems to take the edge off the “Christmas rush,” and serves as a reminder of the purpose of this celebration.

This holiday also offers an incredible opportunity to share a gospel witness. That’s because a Christmas card is the perfect means of putting God’s Word in the hands of colleagues, friends, and relatives who aren’t open to hearing a verbal witness. While many Christian practices seem to be offensive to unbelievers today, a Christmas card depicting the nativity scene and a verse of Scripture still appears to be acceptable.

The “Reason for the Season” is a tiny helpless baby sent by a powerful, holy God to rescue a hopeless fallen sinner. This is indeed something to celebrate!

2 Corinthians 2:15: “Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift.”

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