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Bits and Pieces 9/28/11

September 28, 2011 Leave a comment

God’s Will For Your Wait:  Right now, right here, in your personal life or ministry, there is some way, perhaps many ways, in which God is calling you to wait. How well are you waiting? Paul Tripp has some godly suggestions for those of us who struggle with waiting.  Read his Biblical insights about waiting here.

The Dead Sea Scrolls and Google:  Who would have ever expected to see that headline?  But in our techno age it should probably come as no surprise  to hear that the Israel Museum and Google have partnered to give anyone access to the oldest known Biblical manuscripts in existence, the Dead Sea Scrolls. Watch a short video here or see the Dead Sea Scrolls website here.

The Distracted Church: Where is Satan making the most inroads?  Is it in those countries where believers are persecuted or countries like ours where we are free to worship–and free to be distracted?  In this article, Doug Carlson travels to a Central Asian country where believers are persecuted, and he comes away with a new perspective and some insights that all evangelicals need to ponder.  Read the article here.

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