About Me

LuanaEhrlichI am a child of God, wife, mother and grandmother, student and teacher of God’s Word and an author. I am  outwardly gregarious, inwardly shy, and obsessively organized. I love reading  thrillers and mysteries, watching Dallas Cowboys football and being married to the world’s most incredible and surprising man for the past 50 years.

I am Luana Ehrlich, one of four children born to Allan and Mary Pollock.  I have lived in several states, including Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Texas, New Mexico, Kentucky and Oklahoma, plus I’ve lived overseas in Costa Rica and Venezuela.  It’s sometimes difficult to answer that getting-to-know-you question of “Where are you from?”  The Lord has given me the ability to always feel at home no matter where He has called me to live.

I went to high school in Joliet, Illinois and married my husband, James, immediately after graduation.  At the time, he was pastoring a church in East Texas and attending East Texas Baptist University where I also enrolled.  Three years later, our only child, a daughter, was born.  During the years that followed, I’ve enjoyed being a minister’s wife, sharing with my husband  the joys of several pastorates and  other ministries, while focusing on my own calling of raising a child, teaching adult Bible studies, and occasionally taking on writing assignments with Baptist Press. Now, I’m a full-time writer and the author of Titus Ray Thrillers and Mylas Grey Mysteries. You can find out more about my novels at Titus Ray Thrillers and at Mylas Grey Mysteries and also on my personal website, LuanaEhrlich.com.

We have lived in Norman, Oklahoma for the past 25 years. James recently retired as the Senior Pastor at Bethel Baptist Church. Now, he supplies the pulpit in various churches and serves as an interim pastor.

The title of my blog  “His Glory My Joy” is derived from a reoccurring emphasis in James’ preaching ministry:  We serve a Sovereign God.  We find our joy and happiness in Him only.  God does everything for His glory and honor and for my good and benefit.

For more about me, see my author webpage, www.luanaehrlich.com.  You can email me at author@luanaehrlich.com.   I’d love to hear from you!

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