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“Look Inside” What’s That All About?

Look Inside 2I recently read a blog post  in which the writer said she never read reviews of the books she was interested in, nor did she read the book blurbs in the descriptions of the book. All she cared about was the free excerpt offered by the author or publication site.

Most books listed on Amazon have this feature. It’s called “Look Inside” and it provides any potential book purchaser the opportunity to read the prologue or first ten percent of a book at no charge. When book buyers are surveyed after making a purchase, the “Look Inside” aspect appears to play a significant role in determining whether the book was added to their cart or not.

In fact, some websites now specialize in creating little gizmos an author can put on websites and blogs that make previewing a book an exciting experience, mimicking the actual turning of pages from a real book. (Both my website and this blog contain one of these widgets.)

In reality, every Sunday morning, pastors and Bible teachers all around the world are trying to entice readers to “Look Inside” when they open up the Bible to teach and preach. For approximately thirty minutes, these men and women are providing excerpts from one or several books in the Bible, hoping their lessons or sermons will serve up an appetizer and their listeners will return to their private lives ready to dive into the main course.

Many who use social media like Facebook and Twitter or who blog do the same thing whenever they share a Bible verse. Such posts say, “Look Inside,” there’s something worth reading here. I believe such practices are Biblically based and will be blessed.

The Bible itself urges potential readers to “Look Inside.” Psalm 34:8 “Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good.”

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