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God’s Waiting Room

July 19, 2014 Leave a comment

Wait Room 3 Because of some recent health issues with my dad, I’ve had to spend several hours in doctors’ offices, imaging centers, and hospitals. Most of that time has been spent in a “waiting room.” Such places are appropriately named.

During one  long day, I found myself thinking about all the times  I’ve been placed in God’s Waiting Room. This is a place familiar to all praying believers. Those who petition the Father for answers, for relief, for deliverance, for guidance, and for comfort often find such requests are not answered immediately. Thus, time spent in God’s Waiting Room is a necessity. If the waiting goes on for months, even years, God’s Waiting Room can become a place of discontentment, anger, frustration, and unbelief.

Don’t let that happen.

Waiting—on God or a doctor—doesn’t have to be unbearable if a few simple rules are followed.

1. Don’t wait alone. Waiting is always easier if the wait is shared.

2. Find something to do while waiting. Occupying body, mind, and spirit makes the wait easier.

3. Encourage others as you wait. Empathy for others going through similar circumstances lightens burdens and blesses your own soul.

4. Recognize God has a sovereign purpose in the length of your wait. Waiting is no different from anything in your life—God is working all things for His Glory and your benefit.

Those willing to wait on God are given a special promise. It’s found in Isaiah 64:4: “No eye has seen a God like you, who works for those who wait for him.” While you’re in God’s Waiting Room, He’s out there working for you.

Keep on waiting.

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