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Do You Have A Plan?

December 29, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s that time of year, the transitional week between putting away the Christmas decorations and bringing out next year’s calendar, between eating the last of the Christmas cookies and considering a good diet to begin New Year’s Day.  But the main thing I do during this week is to finalize my decision as to what plan I’ll use to read the Bible next year.  Every year I try to read through the Bible using a different plan.  Occasionally, I’ll skip a year of reading the whole Bible and just do either the Old Testament or the New, and I’ve even opted to just do one whole book for the whole year, like the Gospel of John, reading it several times and reading someone’s commentary on it.

This year our church is reading through the Bible together as a church body, using a comprehensive plan in which the pastor will also preach each Sunday’s sermon on the material the congregation has just finished reading the week before.  This plan is called “Read The Bible For Life.”  You can read more about the plan and access the readings here.

I’ve also decided to do my reading on my iPad using the ESV Study Bible app.  Instead of making notes in the margins of my Bible (which is plenty full of notes already), I’ll be using the note feature of the app and typing in my notes.  I also plan to take my iPad to church with me and make notes in the Bible app as the pastor preaches.  (I just hope no one thinks I’m playing my Words With Friends during the sermon!)

There’s a very good reason to feed on God’s Word every day:  Jesus said to do so.  He explained that daily physical eating was not enough and admonished us not to live that way, “but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” (Matthew 4:4)  Paul in Colossians 3:16 said that God’s Word should build a home within our hearts and teach us wisdom.  I don’t believe this happens by hearing a once-a-week sermon.   I believe a daily intake of Scripture is the only means of discovering the beautiful jewels hidden in the bountiful treasure of God’s revelation of Himself.

Do you have a plan?   Here’s a comprehensive link for discovering some great Reading Plans For The Bible.

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