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Bits and Pieces 10/5/11

 A Tale Of Four Alcorns:  Here’s an amusing personal story from writer Randy Alcorn.  His book Courageous has recently been made into a movie and is showing in movie theaters across the nation. Other readers may be familiar with his book entitled  HeavenRead the story here. 

Amazing View Of The Universe:  Here’s an interesting first look at pictures of  two galaxies colliding in a view no other telescope on Earth or in space could capture.  See it here.

Sharing The Gospel With Cooking:  Since winning Fox’s MasterChef contest last year, Whitney Miller has been sharing her love of food with her first cookbook, but new recipes and satisfied taste buds aren’t all this southerner wants to spread.  The Mississippi cook is using her fame to share the Gospel.  Read the full article here.

Never Too Old To Honor Your Parents:  In this article, James MacDonald writes about what it means for an adult to honor their parents.  Read his thoughts here.


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