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How Much Time Does It Take?

September 5, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

On Saturday it took two hours to defrost the freezer chest in my garage.  I had put off this task for the last two years.  And, in reality, I wasn’t “working” on it for those two hours.  I simply took all the food out, put the perishables in portable ice chests, unplugged the freezer and let our 100-degree temperatures in our garage do the rest.  So I might have actually “worked” for 15 minutes.

After feeling a sense of accomplishment,  I wondered why I had procrastinated for so long when it took so little time and effort on my part.  I believe the answer is that very truth.  Some things take so little effort on our part that we know we can do them at any time, so we just don’t do them at all or we put off doing them until the need of doing them reaches a crisis point.

I’ll confess something.  (For those of you who really do know me, you’ll say, “of course she did.”) I’ve timed some of my household tasks I don’t think I have time to do.  It takes me 15 minutes to fold and put away a load of clothes, 20 minutes to dust my furniture and 10 minutes to mop my kitchen floor.  I’ve timed these activities because it helps me realize how little time it actually takes to enjoy the results of doing them.

This train of thought was one of the motivators behind my starting a Quiet Time 35 years.  Oh, I surely believe the Holy Spirit’s guiding and the Lord Jesus’ wooing me was the greater motivator, but the sentence I read in a little booklet on Quiet Time was what got my attention.  It read something like this, “Would you be willing to make an appointment to spend 15 minutes every day with Jesus?”  My very definite “Yes” and the committment I made to try it for seven days led to such joy that I’ve seldom missed a morning with Him since then.  In fact, throughout  these years, whether it necessitated my getting up before sunrise or letting my day’s activities wait, I have found the time to spend an hour with Him and His Word every morning.

I’ve titled this post, “How Much Time Does It Take?”. I phrased it that way to get your attention, so you would take the “time” to read it because it’s a question common to all of us.  But what I really wanted to ask was, “Would you be willing to make an appointment to spend 15 minutes every day with Jesus?”

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